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Captin MattMichaelanne

Hi, I’m Matt.    Hi, I’m Michaelanne. 


We love 30a and all the beauty it has to offer. You are sure to have a fabulous time aboard one of our boats,
whether you are the captain, or Captain Matt comes along for the ride.

What does Michaelanne have to say about Captain Matt?

Matt is absolutely the most fun, laid back guy you will ever meet! He loves the water and loves living at the beach. Matt is happy anytime he is outside doing something active. He grew up boating on Lake Shasta in California, where he grew up, with his dad showing him the ropes. He is an experienced wake boarder and slalom skier, as well as a 7th grade spelling bee champion. All in all, he’s the guy you want with you basically wherever you are. 

What does Matt have to say about Michaelanne?

Michaelanne has been vacationing with her family since a very young age along the Gulf of Mexico. Her passion for water and outdoors was evident on her first trip to the beach, in Perdido Key, Florida, when she asked her Dad if she could go swimming when they arrived. As soon as the doors were unlocked on the family van, she jumped out of the car, ran to the pool and dove right in, clothes still on and not the faintest idea even how to swim!
Always eager, Michaelanne is excited to share her passion for 30a and help to add and grow a much needed watersports activity to the area. 

And, we are Jake & Charley.


What does Charley have to say about he and Jake?

 Jake is the brains of the operation who decided to move to the beach for his retirement years. As for myself, I’m the younger entrepreneur and we are both so excited that Motorboatin’ 30a has finally come to fruition. We are definitely both fans of being at the beach, but were looking for another option besides riding bikes or sitting on a beach chair all week. It’s great to have motorboatin’ options in the 30a area!