May Ladies Sunset

Hey friends! Its been awhile since we did a website update because we have been so busy meeting all of our new fabulous motorboaters! Our first ever spring break/spring season was absolutely amazing, we just loved every minute of it! We cannot believe that it is almost JUNE! SUMMER! ITS HERE!!! Team Motorboatin’ is gearing up and battening down for a crazy summer, thanks to all of you fabulous people.

booth at watercolor farmets market

We are so excited to announce that we will be setting up at the WaterColor Coastal Farmers Market on Sundays from 9am – 2pm with our favorite people from the Boathouse Paddle Club  and would love for you to come say hi! We will be selling merchandise, booking trips and just overall looking excited to be there, so please come by and give us a wink and a smile and book a trip. Fun fact! Anyone who books a trip at our booth gets a free Motorboatin’ Koozie!

(Editors note: Michaelanne was not present for this photo, as the delicious aroma of the Creative Crepes booth proved irresistible to her 7 months pregnant nose…)

molly with camel

We are ALSO thrilled to have brought on a new member of our front office team for the summer, Molly!! We scoured the chemical engineering department at Ole Miss (the obvious first place to look for great summer help) and hit the jackpot! She is awesome and fun and we are so excited to have her. We want to introduce her because you will see her at our booth at the farmers markets, talk to her on the phone and she can help you guys with anything and everything you need!

So as you can see, we are so excited to get the summer going and have all of you fine people out on the water with us! Don’t forget to call and make your reservations ASAP!! 850-710-0119

-Team Motorboatin’

We will leave you with an adorable picture of Charley on the beach at sunset. Because, as I said, it’s adorable.

charley at sunset on beach